When my father, Bob Tragalager Sr., started Bob's Welding Shop over 23 years ago in the shop at the back of his property, he had no way of knowing how well it would eventually do. My father did all the jobs that people wanted done, for fair, affordable prices.

Ever since my father past away 7 years ago, I have been the owner and operator of the now much larger shop. With 5 people working for me, we have been able to branch out into other welding areas my father never considered. Where once my father did odd welding for farming equipment and the like, we do that and much more. We now not only operate out of the shop, but also go on site for much larger jobs.

I have always been interested in welding ever since my father first took me to his work at age 8. I have been an accomplished journeyman welder for 12 years.

If you need something welded, call Bob The Welder, he can do it.